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MC 3.639b   2015-12-18

  • MV - Addition of Scraping Concerts via TheMovieDb Scraper.
  • MV - Concert Video artwork from TheMovieDb.
  • Movie - Fix Get Runtime IMDB if movie less than 60 minutes.
  • Movie - Correct MovieSet Display on select if Ignore MovieSet Article.
  • Movie - Fix IMDB Tagline again.
  • MCPreferences - Add missing MovieToolTip option.

MC 3.638b   2015-12-16

  • Movie - Added option to Auto-load TMDB Posters when switching to Movie Poster Tab. Option in Movie Preferences -> General Tab.
  • Movie - Addition of KeyWord Blacklist.  Add each word(s) separate with a semi-colon.
  • TV - Add Option to rename episode filenames with Dot or Underscore in place of Spaces.
  • MV - Fix Music Video search or refresh affecting Movie Browser list loss of scroll bar.
  • MV - Fix Open Wiki page when tab is selected.
  • Export - Addressing JockBonds media export issues - Added missing NFO fields. (HueyHQ)
  • TV - When leaving Fanart.TV tab, update the pictureboxes incase of changed artwork.
  • TV - Fix scrape season if season number same as Year of Series Premier.
  • TV - Fix Download & Display of Season art if Season is by Year.
  • Movie - Refresh Movie Poster and Fanart after leaving Fanart.TV tab.
  • Movie - Fanart.TV tab, fix preview existing image if naming mode is <moviename>- format.
  • Movie - Custom change to TMDB scraper to get Movie Set ID during scrape.
  • Movie - Update MovieSet Title in Browser Drop Box (not Filterbox).
  • Movie - Fallback to Movie's Tech Spec page for Runtime if not available on main page.
  • Movie - Fix IMDB Outline and Votes by adjusting their Regex strings. Also fixed Stars.
  • MCPreferences - Reload Scraper settings on exit of Preferences so new settings are active.
  • MCPreferences - Fix loading of Proxy tab.
  • MCPreferences - Add option to move Ignored articles to end of MovieSet Title.

MC 3.637b   2015-12-08

  • Movie - Right click "IMDb browser tab" to switch between IMDB and TMDB. Selection box removed.
  • Movie - Support jump in list browse by typing more than one character in title.
  • Movie - Moved and renamed Sort Title Ignore to Movie -> General tab. Renamed to On Scrape, Ignored article to end of Sort Title.
  • Movie - Movie Sets have ignored articles applied to Sets filter. - TY AnotherPhil.
  • MC Export - Add <<file_size>> tag to export function.
  • MC Preferences - Fix Get IMDB Rating, Fix Exclude folders.
  • MC Preferences - Fix Profile Default and Startup not displaying correctly.
  • MC Preferences - Reload Preferences after frmPreferences has been drawn.
  • MC Preferences - Missed transfer of one control.
  • MC - Update mediainfo.dll to
  • Movie - Update panel on browser tab.
  • TV - Fix episode subtitle stream saved to nfo. Note.. Subtitle must have language set.

MC 3.636b   2015-12-04

  • MC - All Preferences on one form.
  • Movie - Add option use first runtime from IMDB.
  • Movie - Add Cancel check to Actors download.
  • Documentation pages added.
  • mc_com.exe - Fix issue mc_com.exe not saving full episode nfo data.
  • MC - Reverted all xml nfo changes on (37b8026f7d19) as causing character encoding errors. Almost completed new Preferences form.

MC 3.635b   2015-11-29

  • Movie - Fix logic rescrape actors to get correct actor source.
  • Movie - Fix scrape/rescrape artwork naming.
  • Movie - Update TMDB scraper after api changes.
  • TV - Fix episode regex remove anything in round or square brackets.
  • TV - Improvement to TreeView updating by KHismoom.
  • HomeMovie - Fix Poster Screenshot function.
  • MC - Tools - Clean Cache functions, split cache and series as separate possible options.
  • MC - All nfo's should be saved UTF-8 without BOM.
  • MC - Fix if incorrect x86 x64 mediainfo dll with project.
  • MC - Oops windows always on Top.
  • MC - Alter data returned getting Stream details from ISO's.
  • MC - Updated MediaInfo.dll's.
  • mc_com.exe - update mc_com.exe to save as UTF8 without BOM.

MC 3.631b   2015-11-03

  • TV - add option to Batch Rescraper, to copy Main banner to SeasonXX banner if said file is not present.
  • TV - Batch Rescraper new option to update all series xml files.
  • Movie - Add option to save Fanart.Tv artwork in <moviename>- format. Yet to be implemented in Artwork Downloader.
  • Movies - New renaming tag '%Fd' for movie folder size. E.g. %F2GB for a 3.142 GB folder would display as '3.14GB'.
  • Movie - Now search Title or Filename.
  • MC - Place Proxy code at all internet calls in Media Companion.  Default setting is to use default system proxy.  Best option if not using Proxy, is to select __None__.
  • MC - Added 2160 Resolution (4k) and 3D icon overlays.
  • MC - Fixed Export as Kodi format of illegal filename characters.
  • MC - Set default <durationinseconds> value to 1.
  • MC - Fix help-about splash to close if lost focus.
  • MC - Changed Kodi MC forum link to current forum thread.
  • TV - Catch couple possible issues if values are empty.
  • TV - Fixed episode <uniqeuId> if Rescrape Episode.
  • TV - Correct logic error when download missing episode thumbs, only create screenshot if option is selected.

MC 3.630b   2015-10-16

  • TV - Fix secondary episodes in a Multi-episode file to remove missing episode from Treeview.
  • Movie - Fix rescrape premier date from TMDB.
  • Movie - Fixed Top 250 scrape from IMDB.
  • Movie - Tidied up some naming of files, added basic template for movie location.
  • Movie - Fixed fanart missing filter if context download fanart.
  • Revert ffmpeg update as nothing new to offer, update was faulty, and update was very large file.

MC 3.629b   2015-09-20

  • Movie - Include ShowLink tag to movie nfo's.  Allows to link a Movie to a TV Series.
  • Movie - Alt Editor, Add series listbox for easy selection of cached tvSeries for showlink.
  • Movie - New option to save Media Runtime into Movie Runtime tag.
  • Movie - Added context menu to Movie Sets tab, to display Movies in the selected collection and if currently have any of the movies.
  • Movie - Changed Movie Set ID Check to also refresh Movies in Collection data.
  • Movie - Updated moviesetcache to include movies in the collection.
  • Movie - Refreshing Movies, do not discard movie collection info unless Collection no longer in database.
  • Movie - Keep 3D SBS and TAB in Title, also in Filename when renaming.
  • Movie - Add Missing Stars to General Filter.
  • Movie - Sets tab, Added context option scrape fanart and scrape poster
  • Media Companion - Toggle root folder selection by spacebar, or mouseclick on checkbox.
  • Media Companion - Export Movie and TV data to Kodi Import format.  Excellent if setting up new Kodi install.
  • Movie - Fanart and Poster tab, paste from clipboard auto-saves pasted image.
  • Movie - Fix DVD Media info, get from largest vob set.
  • Movie - Fix incorrect error message if movie in a set and no artwork.
  • Movie - Fix scraping Top 250 from IMDB.
  • TV - If on Refresh a series folder is found that does not have a tvshow.nfo, offer to remove series folder from list of series folders.
  • TV - Add episode regex, xxExx format.
  • TV - Fix episode media tags for subtitles.
  • Media Companion - Get durationinseconds from malformed MKV file.
  • Media Companion - Subtitles now tagged if default subtitle.

MC 3.628b   2015-08-31

Quick bugfix release

  • New Time x86 & x64 builds.
  • 3.628b - Movie - MultiSelect Genre Listbox support.
  • 3.627b - TV - Improve series status filtering by only displaying matching series. Coloured treeview background to inform users they're running a filtered list. Update mc_com to load & save tv cache with new hidden tag.
  • Media Companion - Added Help -> About with info if 32 or 64 bit build.
  • TV - CheckedListBox for TV Root Folders.  If unchecking, will remove series from List of Series Folders.
  • TV - TV Root folder CheckedListBox - context menu to add from selected root folder to series list.
  • TV - Added Series Status. Scrape, rescrape, Batch Rescrape Wizard. Continuing, Ended or Unknown.
  • TV - Added filter by Ended or Continuing series status.
  • Movie - New Studio Filter.
  • Movie - Add option to get Alternative titles from IMDB when using TMDB scraper.
  • 3.628b - TV - Episode Renaming with correct Showtitle in episode title!
  • 3.627b - TV Episode Renaming fix show title in episode rename option.
  • 3.627b - TV - When marking episodes as watched, save all data back to nfo.
  • TV - Tv Show Selector tab now displays series path for ease of identifying what series is selected.
  • TV - Fixed episodes in separate folders and MC fooled into finding multiepisodes.
  • TV - Fix TV Batch Rescrape not saving folder.jpg to series folder, or to season folders.
  • TV - Improved TV Batch Rescrape speed regarding artwork, ie: check if exists first before downloading.
  • TV - Fixed Tv Actor network path rebuild on Batch Wizard rewrite all nfo's.
  • TV - Export. Added show_plot, show_nfo:plot, show_nfo:showtitle and show_nfo:sorttitle.
  • TV - Altered episode scraper to remove Show title and year (if present) to improve matching episode numbers.
  • TV - Don't erase Series XML files every start and stop of MC.
  • Movie - root folder checkbox improvements.
  • Movie - Improve speed on rescrape wizard/rescrape specific when XBMC TMDB scraper selected.

MC 3.626b   2015-08-25

  • New Time x86 & x64 builds.
  • Media Companion - Added Help -> About with info if 32 or 64 bit build.
  • TV - CheckedListBox for TV Root Folders.  If unchecking, will remove series from List of Series Folders.
  • TV - TV Root folder CheckedListBox - context menu to add from selected root folder to series list.
  • TV - Added Series Status. Scrape, rescrape, Batch Rescrape Wizard. Continuing, Ended or Unknown.
  • TV - Added filter by Ended or Continuing series status.
  • Movie - New Studio Filter.
  • Movie - Add option to get Alternative titles from IMDB when using TMDB scraper.
  • TV - Tv Show Selector tab now displays series path for ease of identifying what series is selected.
  • TV - Fixed episodes in separate folders and MC fooled into finding multiepisodes.
  • TV - Fix TV Batch Rescrape not saving folder.jpg to series folder, or to season folders.
  • TV - Improved TV Batch Rescrape speed regarding artwork, ie: check if exists first before downloading.
  • TV - Fixed Tv Actor network path rebuild on Batch Wizard rewrite all nfo's.
  • TV - Export. Added show_plot, show_nfo:plot, show_nfo:showtitle and show_nfo:sorttitle.
  • TV - Altered episode scraper to remove Show title and year (if present) to improve matching episode numbers.
  • TV - Don't erase Series XML files every start and stop of MC.
  • Movie - root folder checkbox improvements.
  • Movie - Improve speed on rescrape wizard/rescrape specific when XBMC TMDB scraper selected.

MC 3.625b   2015-08-17

  • First Time x86 & x64 builds.
  • TV - Add Missing Aired episode offset option. This will delay aired highlight by 1 day
  • Movie - Changed Root folder list to a Checked Listbox.  Users can now keep all their root movie folders and enable/disable as they wish.
  • TV - Fix for Series title with & between words with no spacing.
  • TV - Added drag n drop TV Root folder to List of Root Folders.
  • TV - Add regex for episodes with decimal as separator.
  • TV - Correct Series extrafanart filenaming.
  • TV - Return of poster resolutions under image previews. (where relevant).
  • Home Movies - Fix Home Movie Fanart Zoom.
  • Home Movies - Added Poster to main browser tab.
  • Home Movies - Added option to get poster from screenshot.
  • Movie - Tweak Fanart.Tv code to use TMDB Id before IMDB ID.
  • Movie - Fixed IMDB scraping multiple countries.
  • Movie - Return poster resolutions under image previews.
  • General - Memory leak improvements.
  • General - Improve messagebox, allow escape messagebox, cancelling download of preview images.

MC 3.624b   2015-07-17

  • MediaInfoExport : Added 2 new tags. Useful when creating a template to create a batch copy command file.
  • Export Templates: Add <<filename>> & <<textencoding>> tags. Also added new 'Copy Movies In Folders' template.
  • Movie - Wall, resize and keep posters within boundaries of form.
  • Movie - Fixed outline from IMDB.
  • Movie - Fixed Votes from IMDB.
  • Movie - Fixed Fanart/poster if custom MovieSet ID.
  • Movie - Fix IMDB Scraping TMDB info if movie on TMDB does not have IMDB ID set.
  • TV - Stop Media Companion stealing focus from other programs.
  • TV - Fixed XBMC TVDb scraper not reading settings unless enter preferences page.
  • Media Companion - Flashes taskbar when process finished and MC isn't active app.

MC 3.623b   2015-07-03

  • Movie - Missing Tagline filter in General Filters.
  • Movie - Fixed internal webbrowser initial exception.
  • Movie - Fixed crash if no MovieSet ID and Download MovieSet Artwork selected to autoscrape.
  • Movie - Fix Countries filter only able to filter by 1st country in nfo.
  • Movie - Change moviesetid fix crash.
  • Movie - XBMC link - Add missing transition.
  • Movie - XBMC link - Downgrade unexpected events to warnings.
  • Movie - XBMC link - Update folder mappings form to mention Kodi's folders are case sensitive.
  • Movie - XBMC link - Fix Retries count not getting updated.
  • Movie - Fix Tagline from IMDB.
  • TV - Fix Scraping special episodes and save folder.jpg selected, but no artwork on TVDB..

MC 3.622b   2015-06-23

  • TV - Special episodes, display Airs before Season and Episode info, Allow edit and save.
  • TV - Added XBMC TVDB scraper option to scrape rating from IMDB, with option fallback to TVDB
  • Movies - Countries filter added. * Click the Refresh button to initially populate this filter *
  • Movie - Movie Set Tab, can r-click TMDB column to set or alter the TMDB Set ID.
  • Media Companion - Empty Cache folder now Empty Cache & SeriesXml Folders.
  • mc_com.exe - Scraping episodes now checks Season poster is present, else downloads season poster.
  • TV - If saving edits to Episode, update tree-view.
  • TV - Fix folder.jpg if using Find Missing Artwork for TV.
  • TV - Catch rescrape episode with no IMDB Id, scraping actors from IMDB.
  • TV - Catch rescrape episode and no thumb URL crash.
  • TV - Missing artwork, fix logic and don't overwrite existing images
  • TV - If Rescrape TVShow, remove episodes else they are duplicated.
  • TV - On Initial Show scrape, do folder.jpg save (if options selected).
  • TV - Fix save folder.jpg from poster tab for specials folder.
  • TV - Fix checking if season art present when scraping episodes, also check if need folder.jpg.
  • TV - correctly save as folder.jpg from artwork tab.
  • TV - Initial Show scrape, save folder.jpg after populating existing episodes.
  • Movie - Fixed Movie Set ID Check overwriting customer set names if not found on TMDB.
  • Movie - Movie Sets tab, right-click TMBD ID column to manually set a Set ID.
  • Movie - Fixed scraping TMDB Certificate on initial scrape.
  • Movie - Re-load wall if sort or invert has changed since last wall load.
  • Movie - Fixed TMDB YouTube Trailer URL.
  • Movie - Update XBMC TMDB scraper, Fix get rating from IMDB.
  • Movie - Fixed Movie Fanart.Tv Tab, Zoom existing MovieSet art.
  • Media Companion - Removed "XBMC" from "XBMC Media Companion is already running"
  • mc_com - Fixed scraping specials artwork and specials folder.jpg (if option selected).

MC 3.621b   2015-05-31

  • Movie - Catch if no MovieSet Fanart or no poster for Set, ie Set exists on TMDB but no Fanart image.
  • Movie - Update XBMC TMDB scraper due to TMDB api changes.
  • TV - Check each episode scraped if the season poster is present.
  • TV - Use series.xml data from TVDB when scraping episodes.  This allows scraping of displayseason & displayepisode.

MC 3.620b   2015-05-15

  • Movie - MovieSet Artwork from Fanart.Tv
  • Movie - Movie set Tab, Fixed logic when checking for TMDB Id.
  • Movie - Movie Sets ID Check should not overwrite custom Set names.
  • Movie - Rebuild nfo's checks Actor's path is valid if using Local actor folder.
  • Movie - MovieSet, Save Poster as poster.jpg, not as folder.jpg.
  • Movie - MovieSets, Clean illegal characters from Movie Set Name

MC 3.619b   2015-05-13

  • Movie - Added Movie Set ID Check under Tool-bar Movies.
  • MC - Added H265/HEVC overlay icon.
  • Movies: Added new Folder Size filter. You need to click the Refresh button to get this filter working for the first time.
  • Movies: Added new Runtime filter.
  • Movies: Added new Default language filter.
  • Movie Sets - Auto Download Set artwork to selected location.
  • Movie Sets - If Set artwork is present, display "Set Poster" &/or "Set Fanart" in Extra Artwork panel.
  • Movie Sets - Fanart & Poster Tabs updated to allow display of MovieSet Fanart or Posters
  • Movie Sets - Added to Batch Rescrape Wizard and to Rescrape Specific.
  • Movie Sets - Altered Movie Set Tab. Displays Set name, if TMDB Id, and if Fanart or Poster is present.  Double click the tick of fanart or poster to display artwork.
  • Movies: Add language to fanart overlay.
  • Tv - Fixed Tv Browser Tab gui layout
  • Movie - TableView fixed Certificates always prefixed with 'Rated'
  • Movie - Added 'DVD' to Video Source list.
  • Movie - Fixed showing Duplicates to exclude movies with no IMDB ID.
  • Movie - Added CreateDate to TableView Columns.
  • Movie - Fixed TMDB scraping with filename containing underscore character.
  • Movie - context-menu download poster updates missing poster count.
  • TV - Fixed saving show Sort Title to tvshow.nfo.
  • mc_com.exe - Fixed moviesetcache code for mc_com.exe.
  • Movies : Updated the DefaultCertificateMappings.xml file. To pick up the new mappings, delete your CertificateMappings.xml file. A new one will be automatically created from the DefaultCertificateMappings.xml when MC is restarted.
  • Media Tags - Added missing language codes
  • Movies: Bug fix - On datagridview mouse double-clicked, only play movie if actually over one.
  • Movies: Bug fix - Languages filter was doing an AND join when it should have been doing an OR to retrieve movies in any of the selected languages (in multi-select mode).
  • Movie - Tags Tab.  Improved adding/Removing tags from Movie(s).  Now can add or remove specific tags from Multiple selected movies, without overwriting their existing tags.
  • Movie - Extra Artwork preview.  Improved scaling of picturebox depending on image and size of Media Companion

MC 3.617b   2015-04-03

  • Movie - Fix duplicates if no IMDB ID, ie: Movie only on TMDB.
  • Movie - Fix Movie Set if contains a Comma.
  • Movie - Changed Multi-Thread code for rebuilding actor and director databases.
  • Movie - Fixed Export crash due to moviesetcache code.
  • TV - Fixed scraping episode actor's from IMDB.
  • TV - Fixed scraping multi-episodes with XBMC TVDB scraper.

MC 3.616b   2015-03-28

  • Movie - New Filter for Subtitle Language.
  • TV - Added Filter by Watched/UnWatched.
  • mc_com - Add -ex switch for scan and download missing episode thumbnails.
  • TV - Disable Episode rename if 'List All' filter is not selected.
  • TV - correctly handle XBMC TVDB scraper language
  • TV - Screenshot Tab delay set to AutoScreenshot delay when MC starts.
  • TV - If change Screenshot tab delay, Pressing 'Enter' key will get Screenshot.
  • TV - Delete TV Root folder(s), Tv Shows(s) from Tv Folder tab with 'Delete' key.
  • TV - Removed message boxes from context menu 'Rescrape Missing Episode Thumbs'
  • MC - Fixed default Fanart resolution after addition of new image size
  • Movie - Set Minimum year to 1850
  • Movies - Using TMDB scraper, obey studio limit.
  • Movie - Store XBMC TMDB scraper settings in config.xml
  • Movie - Improve browsing movies, changing tabs with Include Missing Videos option selected.
  • Movie - Improve Refresh performance when Use Multi-Thread is enabled, and user has multiple movie sources.
  • Movie - Fix Manual Movie rename, was failing for subtitle files.
  • Movie - Delete Movie root folder(s) with 'Delete' key.
  • Movie - Display by Filename or FolderName Sorts correctly by A - Z.

MC 3.615b   2015-02-27

  • Movie - Added button to select what Fanart.Tv Artwork is Auto-downloaded when scraping movie(s)
  • Movie - Fixed Directorcache crash from occurring.
  • Movie - Added 1280 to poster height saving.
  • Movie - Added option to use Underscore or Full-stop when renaming movies and replacing spaces.
  • Movie - Director, Country & Studio saved in nfo as separate entries if multiple data.
  • Movie - Table View improvement in Speed.  Also rebuilds movie Sets data before displaying Table.
  • Movie - Allow loading of MCM nfo's where id has Attribute for source.
  • Movie - Fix MC message of TMDB unavailable.
  • General - Save m3u in correct Windows 1252 Encoding.
  • TV - Episode Title with Diphthong in place of Apostrophe, had following character in Upper-Case

MC 3.614b   2015-02-06

  • TV - added search and download for missing episode thumbs on context menu
  • TV - Fix display of Fanart.Tv Season banner
  • TV - Fix counter for TV Batch Rescraping
  • TV - Fixed option not sticking for download xtrafanart
  • TV - Exclude x265 from filename when searching for episode number.
  • Movie - Allow Drag'n'Drop of movie root folder to Movie Folder tab
  • Movie - Fixed folder renaming if Root folder is root of Drive.  ie:  I:\
  • MC - Fixed clearing of Excluded folder list, when switching profiles.

MC 3.613b   2015-01-10

  • TV - Resize Screenshot if nfo missing media stream details.
  • TV - Keep focus on selected show during Search New, Refresh nfo and Rescrape Show.
  • TV - Fixed some incorrect Fanart.Tv artwork displayed for Tv Shows.
  • TV - Fixed horizontal split reverting when switch between Movies and TV Shows.
  • TV - Added support for DisplayEpisode and DisplaySeason tags.
  • TV - Fixed saving of season poster as folder.jpg from Fanart.Tv Tab.
  • Movie - Control focus events firing, causing same movie details to being repeatedly displayed.
  • Movie - Fixed TMDB movie if only one actor, no actor was stored.
  • Movie - Fix Multi-save mode if movie not present and user hasn't refreshed.
  • Movie - Menu item 'Rebuild Movie nfo Files', was forcing rename of movies and associated files.
  • Movie - If using XBMC TMDB scraper, put Trailer source in correct order.
  • Movie - Fixed 'Change Movie' tab, keep existing artwork.
  • Both - Attach missing asset to build. langlist.csv.
  • Home Movies - Fixed loading of nfo's was ignoring SortTitle.

MC 3.612b   2014-12-22

  • Allow Drop Tv Show(s) onto TvTreeview, and onto Separate List of Shows. Note: Doesn't support Tv Root Folders.
  • TV - Option to save screenshots in native TVDB sizing. 16:9 = 400x225, 4:3 = 400x300.
  • Fanart.Tv - Cleanly catch when Fanart.Tv is offline.
  • TV - Fixed possible save of Poster as Banner and vis-versa.
  • TV - Refresh Missing Episodes now rewrites the missing ep's nfo's to update all data.
  • TV - Improved scan log displayed.
  • TV - Removed <br> from show outline during scrape.
  • TV - Fixed scraping via XBMC TVDB scraper, was not populating Stream details.
  • TV - Fixed Absolute Order and XBMC TVDB may not store Season and Episode numbers in episode's nfo.
  • Movie - Fixed 'Change Movie' through TMDB again.

MC 3.611b   2014-12-13

  • Both : Show extra audio tracks on fanart image. Non-default tracks are greyed out. Can be disabled from General Preferences.
  • TV - Add rescrape Episode Title to Batch Rescrape Wizard.
  • TV - From Tv Show menu, Check for Duplicates.
  • Movie - Select a Plot.  On Movie Edi (Alternative) user's can now select a different plot from a list of plots from IMDB and TMDB.
  • Movie - rescrape from info label, ie. right-click Premiered label and select 'Rescrape Premiered', or Genre Label, Stars, Actors etc.
  • Movie - Remove Decimal Point from Votes scraped from IMDB.
  • Movie - Alt poster browser, fixed getting posters from IMDB and MPDB.
  • Movie - Added 'DVD and 'Bluray' to Separate Movie Identifier list.  Users need to click 'Reset List' to repopulate if upgrading from earlier build.
  • Movie - Fix change movie from TMDB.

MC 3.610b   2014-12-05

  • Movie - Add %M - Mpaa Cert for file and folder renaming
  • Movie - Add XBMC TMDB Preferred Country Certificate.  Fallback to TMDB Primary Certificate.
  • Movie - Add option to save comma as thousand, million separator.
  • TV - Add option to scrape artwork first from Fanar.Tv then any missing from TvDb
  • Movies - Added -d command line argument to mc_com. Shows trailer download progress percentage complete to console. Ignored if -v (no console window) specified.
  • Movie - Set quantity of ExtraFanart images.
  • Movie - ExtraFanart now scraped with Movie (if selected)
  • TV - Fix seasons showing watched if episodes have empty <playcount> field.
  • Tv - Improved Open Folder function if season is selected. ie:  Opens season folder showing content.
  • Tv - Reworked Batch Rescrape Wizard, to improve performance.
  • TV - Fix nfo if playcount is nothing.
  • TV - Fix saving of edited Special episodes
  • Movie - Catch exception of Votes empty.
  • Movie - Try resolve Votes filter if full-stop as thousands deliminator.
  • Movie - Added Separate Movie list Reset button.
  • Movie - Added DVD and Bluray to Separate List.
    Movie - Fixed Scraping Movie if filename has multiple extensions.  ie:  ghost.mkv-group.mkv.
  • Movie - Alt Editor Blank nfo error fixed.
  • Movie - Alter ExtraFanart file naming to conform to Artwork Downloader naming.
  • Movie - Removed saving of custom or selected fanart as ExtraFanart.
  • Movie - Increase ExtraThumb to Max of 5 Images.
  • Movie - Fixed MC recognizing all valid video extensions for Trailers.

MC 3.609b   2014-11-17

  • TV - Poster Tab wasn't allowing to save any posters. Fixed.
  • TV - Fixed issue displaying episode actors in a multi-episode nfo.
  • TV - Fixed exception trying to load missing poster into preview picturebox on Poster Tab.
  • TV - Tv show selector Tab, description change for overwrite existing artwork
  • TV - Fixed single show 'Use Rescraper Wizard', only run over single show and it's episodes.
  • TV - <epbookmarks> if present, re-save to nfo when saving multi-episode nfo's.
  • TV - Poster Tab, fix issue if no posters present, 'Displaying 0 of 0' not always visible till switch to season that does contain posters.
  • Movie - Thousand's separator for Votes field.
  • Movie - Fixed Multi-part simple nfo structure being ignored in MC

MC 3.608b   2014-11-15

  • Movie - Added to XBMC TMDB preferences options to get Top250 and Votes from IMDB.
  • Movie - Massaged XBMC TMDB scraper to get all writers, all studio's and all country's.
  • Movie - Fixed issue when XBMC TMDB scraping only one director.
  • Movie - Updated IMDB scraping to get all country's
  • TV - Fixed 'Rescrape episode image' was deleting image immediately after saving it. Doh!
  • TV - Catch error if user opens TMDB/IMDB tab, with unsuccessfully scraped show.
  • TV - New Locked and Watched icon.
  • TV - Import epbookmark if in episode nfo exported from XBMC/Kodi
  • TV - Ignore missing episodes when selecting 'Missing screenshots'

MC 3.607b   2014-11-05

  • TV - Empty shows no longer shown as watched.
  • TV - Removed 'Edit' symbol as misleading.
  • TV - Exclude missing episodes from being marked as watched.
  • Movie - Fixed displaying of and finding of Basic Saved movie nfo's.
  • Movie - Improved 'Rebuild movie nfo files' option.
  • Movie - Ignore any RAR file below 8MB.  Probably a subtitle file, not a movie.
  • Movie - Fixed issue when changing multiple movie's sets to -none-.

MC 3.606b   2014-11-02


  • TV - Added Watched indicator to TV Tree.  If episode set as watched, has green tick. If complete season watched, season has green tick.  If complete show watched, Show has green tick.
  • TV - Added <uniqueid> to Episode nfo's.  This allows users on XBMC to better use Trakt as well as better management of missing episodes.
  • Movie - New option to always rename Movie folder into Root Movie folder, if not allocated to a Set.
  • MC - Updated master Genre list to include TVDB Genre's
  • TV - Correctly load XBMC exported tvshow.nfo and episode nfo's, including multi-episode nfo's.
  • TV - correct error introduced when filtering out missing episodes on Refresh.
  • TV - Fixed issue of missing episodes still in cache after Show's removal.
  • TV - added last refresh date to menu option Refresh Missing Episodes as a mouse over tooltip.
  • TV - Re-Added loading of episode actors.
  • TV - Fixed multi-episode nfo loading when adding a Show already scraped, to Media Companion.
  • TV - Edited XBMC TVDB scraper to get return episode <uniqueid> and <showid>
  • Movie - Fixed Quotes in movie title appearing as &quot;
  • MC - Disabled adding MC to Event Manager as this opens a UAC warning when running MC.
  • MC - Fixed issue getting aspect ratio not returning correct value.
  • MC - Fix codec info for MOV/MP4V streams.
  • mc_com - Updated Episode scraping to populate <uniqueid>. Updated Cache load and save for new values.

MC 3.605b   2014-10-16


  • Movie Template - Mobile Movie, by KevboTheOne.  Added to Export Templates.  See Workitem 1236
  • Movie - Added Delete extra artwork to browser window and Fanart.Tv Tab.  Fanart.Tv select display of existing artwork, right click.
  • TV - Added Delete extra artwork to browser window and Fanart.Tv Tab. Fanart.Tv select display of existing artwork, right click.  Browser, right click the image you wish to delete.
  • TV - finished context menu's 'Select from Poster' and 'Select from Banner'
  • TV - Return of Episode actor's listed and displayed.
  • TV - 'Check List for Removed folder' now also confirms each Tv Show's folder has a tvshow.nfo.
  • TV - New option to delete an episode's nfo and artwork. By single episode, by season or by show.
  • TV - New option to delete tvshow's nfo and artwork.
  • mc_com.exe - Exporting of movies info now uses user's profile for sort order, including preferences for ignore articles
  • Movie - Fixed &amp in movie title and sort title.
  • Movie - removed Yahoo as a search engine, replaced with
  • Movie - fixed Overwriting images when using Batch Rescrape Wizard
  • TV - Fixed image retrieval by preferred language. Fall-back to English then to no allotted language image.
  • TV - improve status bar by including more information as to what MC is actually doing while scraping TV Shows.
  • TV - Fixed overwriting of images & corrected option to download from Fanart.Tv when Batch Rescraping.
  • TV - Some missing episode issues have been resolved.
  • MC - Fix issue if genre.txt file not present in setting folder, and not already allocated to default profile.

MC 3.604b   2014-10-06


  • TV - Fanart.TV Tab added for Tv Shows.
  • TV - Auto-scrape, Batch Wizard support for Fanart.Tv. Artwork indicator added to Tv Browser tab.
  • MC - MultiMonitor is disabled by default. Option in General Preferences to enable/disable.
  • Movie - Added "Blueray" and "DVD" to source List..
  • TV - Episode information was expanded out the right side of Media Companion. Fixed.
  • Home Movies - issue saving nfo caused MC to error and close.
  • Movie - Include extra artwork when deleting nfo and artwork.
  • Movie - Fixed missing fanart and posters where DVD structure is concerned.
  • Media Companion - By disabling Multi-Monitor, gotten past an issue occurring with regards to detecting current monitor.

MC 3.603b   2014-10-03


  • General - Default artwork selection changed to Frodo and onwards for new installs.
  • Movie - Fanart.Tv Artwork fully integrated into Scraping, Rescraping, and new Fanart.Tv Tab. Check MediaCompanion Documents for more information.
  • Movie - Added option scraping from IMDB, to select the Primary Plot, not the biggest plot.
  • Movie - Added list of Genre's to Movie browser.  Right-click the Genre field to open selectable Genre's.  Allows for Custom Genre's by adding a text file called genres.txt to the Settings folder.  Refresh Genre List from Tools heading.
  • Movie - Added option to Configure Movie Filters, Check/UnCheck All filters.
  • Movie - Scrape artwork (ClearArt) from Fanart.Tv.  Auto-Scrape, Batch ReScrape, and Fanart.Tv Tab.  Movies must be in individual folders.
  • TV - Fixed if episode extension has any capital letters, rename of files would fail.
  • TV - Fixed Ignore Articles for TV Show Titles.
  • TV - Fix illegal character | in episode title.
  • TV - Fixed Refresh All checking for missing <showid> tag in episode nfo's.
  • Movie - Fixed Fanart Tab missing Next button was not selecting next movie missing fanart.
  • Movie - Fixed TMDB Keywords to Tags causing crash.
  • Movie - Fixed IMDB Keywords to tags.
  • Media Companion - Fix issue writing/creating Windows Event Log Entries. (Inaccessible Logs error)

MC 3.602b   2014-09-18

Patch release due to crash if cache folder does not exist.


  • General - Options to disable Rating or Media Stream details being overlay onto Movie Fanart or Episode Thumbnails.
  • General - New option under Tools to Clear Cache folder.
  • Movies - Added : Set Watched & Clear Watched to movie list context menu.
  • Movie - Select IMDB tab, now gives option to browse to TMDB or IMDB Dependent on which ID's are present for selected movie.
  • Movie - Batch Re-scrape Wizard. Added option to re-scrape data from TMDB.
  • Movie - Added rescrape 'Keywords into Tags' to Rescrape context menu.
  • Movie - Wall context menu allow play trailer if present..
  • .Both - Last chance set aspect ratio by Width Height if not able to retrieve from Stream.
  • Both - Instigated 100 max recent files in cache folder. Runs on start and close of Media Companion.
  • TV - Batch Re-scrape Rewrite nfo's rewrites episode nfo's.
  • TV - Batch Re-scrape overwrites data in cache folder.
  • TV - Fixed annoyance when Refreshing All and Show(s) folders were removed, MC would run Cache Refresh a second time.
  • Both - Fix filtering of Sources in filename.
  • Movie - Fixed context menu 'Download poster from MPDB'
  • Movie - Fixed getting posters from MPDB via Poster tab.
  • Both - Updated mediainfo.dll.

MC 3.600b   2014-08-26

Quick release to cover introduced issues by code clean-up.


  • Movie - Added option to exclude prefix of "Rated" to MPAA Certificate.
  • General - Added option to select nfo viewer-editor of users choice.
  • Fix some settings not acting as should. ie: disabling logs
  • Fixed Movie filter's not displaying if starting on Movie tab.
  • Fixed scrolling Tv list, focus was always diverted to actor's.

See Below release MC 3.599b for most recent fixes.

MC 3.599b   2014-08-24


  • MC - Remember last monitor Media Companion Ran on, and re-open there if available.
  • MC - If notepad++ installed, use for opening nfo XML files.
  • Movie - Fix: Fanart & Poster searching using 'Google Search' button opened multiple browser tabs, one per search word.
  • Movie - Allow Re-scrape with XBMC TMDB Scraper, if IMDB Id is present.
  • TV - added option to save Season Poster into season folder as folder.jpg
  • Movie - Table view error if a row header was selected.
  • Movie - Table-view - added certificates column.
  • Movie - Table-view - fixed context options Watched and Unwatched.
  • Movie - Updated DefaultCertificateMappings.xml - Delete your existing CertificateMappings.xml to pick up the changes.
  • Movie - Language filter bug fix
  • Movie - Bug Fix saving posters and fanart.
  • Movie - Alternative Movie Edit Improvements
  • Movie - Stop Media Info from Iso's stealing focus.  Fix Iso Width & Height & audio Codec.
  • Movie - Fix trailer scraping if no IMDB or TMDB Id.
  • Movie - Fix movie tool-strip no displaying selected movie's Title.
  • Movie - Fix Re-scrape using XBMC TMDB scraper.
  • Movie - Fix get fanart Oops error if TMDB not available.
  • Movie - escape brackets in custom clean filename entries.
  • TV - Scrolling browser list and scrolling actors/roles fixed.
  • TV - Fix issue for Missing Episodes if show not available on TVDB.
  • mc_com - Improve episode artwork code.

MC 3.598b   2014-06-27


  • Movie - Add function to jump to first movie of letter pressed on keyboard.  Must select once a movie in list to allow function.
  • Movie - Option to save actor images from TMDB when scraping movie from IMDB.
  • Movie - Added Option to move ignore article to end for Rename using Sort Title.
  • Movie - Remember last position of Filter window.
  • Movie - Added Missing IMDBID, Missing Source & Missing Director to General Filter list.
  • Movie - Download trailer added to Batch Wizard and Context menu.
  • Movie - New Video Codec Filter.
  • Movie - Movie Table View reworked.
  • TV - Catch attempting to edit episode in MC that has had the video file removed
  • TV - Fixed XBMC TVDB Show scraping not setting the TVDB ID.
  • TV - Improve Horizontal Split position above Banner. Now stores user's last position on exit.
  • TV - fixed actor display if directly selecting an episode before selecting the show.
  • TV - save more info into tvcache.xml to improve mc_com.exe performance.  Requires only a 'Refresh All'.
  • TV - If not actor's for a Show, Clear Actor and Role boxes.
  • TV - Reworked TV Show scraping, Show Rescraping and Tv Show selector scraping.
  • TV - Improved performance when adding a new show, or rescraping a show.
  • Both - If video file is an iso, catch in place if iso can not be scanned for media info.
  • Both - If resizing MC, correct fanart overlay of media info image sizes.
  • Movie - Corrected save fanart.jpg option for movies in folders when scraping or changing fanart.
  • Movie - Batch Rescrape if artwork exists, use for missing artwork if Do Not Overwrite selected.
  • Movie - Fixed Filter window remembering position, and activating scrollbars.
  • Movie - Fixed scraping of movies via TMDB with no IMDB ID.
  • Movie - Rescrape actors from TMDB or IMDB fixed.
  • Movie - set Minimum Year to 1900 for Year Filter.
  • Movie - fixed getting IMDB Ratings when using XBMC TMDB scraper.
  • Movie - With download extra art selected, ExtraFanart and/or ExtraThumb folder will be created even if no images available.
  • mc_com - Honor locked show <state>

MC 3.597b   2014-05-09


  • Movie - Allow save Title and Sort Title in Title Case format.
  • Movie - Allow save fanart.jpg if movie in folder.
  • TV - display episode source. Get episode source from episode filename.
  • Movie - Added Fill Tags from plot keywords to Batch Rescraper.
  • Movie - Fixed TMDB scraping of Media Stub files.
  • Movie - fixed movie actor source selection.
  • Movie - fix Movie details filter (actor,director & sets)
  • Movie - added cancel to scraping trailer url.
  • Movie - can not scrape all available keywords into <tag> fields.
  • Movie - improve getting year from movie filename - big improvement for tmdb scraping
  • Movie - Fix Drop of files not all being video files.
  • Movie - Trailer url for youtube link converted to plugin://plugin... format. make compatible with XBMC.
  • Movie - Removal of escape characters from plot and outline if scraped from TMDB.
  • Movie - If TMDB is down, scraping halted for both IMDB and TMDB. Fixed.
  • TV - Banner Split fixed.
  • Both - Codec info fixed for DivX media. DTS-ES now lists as DTS as recogised in XBMC.
  • Both - Fix Ignore A option not saving/loading

MC 3.596b   2014-03-27


  • TV - Option to ignore missing specials.
  • TV - changed missing future episodes to highlight in Red.
  • Movie - Rename file name with ignored articles at end.
  • Movie - add option to disregard Original Title, and Alt Titles from nfo.
  • Movie - Reworked TMDB into same routines as MC's IMDB scraper.  This will make it easier to add extra scrapers in the future.
  • Movie - Option in Batch rescraper to populate only empty fields.
  • Movie - Option to fill <tag> field from Plot Keywords available from IMDB/TMDB.
  • Both - New MC command line option 'r' added to refresh movies & TV caches.
  • Movie - Save local actor as actor name in folder of first name's first letter. ie: /b/brad_pitt.jpg.
  • Movie - Filter new movies title during scrape for entries already in Source list, add to Source tag automatically.
  • Movie - Added 3DSBS and 3DTAB to separate movie identifier as these need to remain in the filename for XBMC to ID 3D movies correctly.
  • Movie - Warning added if changing movie to delete offline movie instead of changing movie.
  • Movie - Fixed folder renaming with movie set name and ignore article selected or de-selected
  • Movie - fix if using XBMC TMDb, save extrafanart
  • Movie - Fix renaming Folder and moving movie into folder, if duplicate movie, ie: Movie exists in folder already.
  • Movie - Abort File or Folder renaming if movie not identified, ie: Scrape Error.
  • TV - allow saving of local actor image using either TVDb or IMDB actor to local directory.
  • TV - Reworked Missing episode data.
  • TV - added refresh Missing episode data.
  • Mediainfo fixed for XVid files.
  • filter correctly for scene nfo files.


MC 3.595b   2014-02-13


  • Movie - Added 'Delete Nfo and Artwork' to context menu
  • Movie - Added 'Director' Filter.
  • TV - TV Show Sort Title.  Now can group common shows in your library.
  • Both - Convert nfo to UTF-8 if Ansi coded.
  • Media Stubs - Re-enabled folder renaming.
  • Media Stubs - Fix if browser list empty, wasn't allowed to access Media Stubs tab.
  • Export - Extra <<Actor>> tags added to export function.  See
  • Movie - Finally fixed adding to separate movie identifier list.
  • Movie - Fixed Movie-Filter list disappearing.
  • Movie - don't hide bad nfo's
  • TV - Fix where Rescrape media info would add to number of audio tracks, instead of re-writing audio tracks.
  • Layout issues fixed.


MC 3.594b   2014-02-01


  • Movie - Added Media Stub file support. Note: these files are not renamed, either file or folder.


  • Movie - Title not showing on context menu.
  • Movie - Browse for poster wasn't saving correctly for DVD structure.
  • Movie - Improve IMDB Search results, catching 'No Results' cleanly.
  • TV - episode scene nfo's ignored on cache refresh.
  • TV - If multi-episode rescrape or create screenshot, display media-info correctly.
  • TV - Fixed displaying/Selecting of Actor(s)/Role(s). Fixed memory leak caused by actors code.
  • Added 'Paste Path' button to "Browse or URL" forms.


MC 3.593b   2014-01-06


  • Tv - Fixed error if actor role is missing. Actor's name put in place of actor's role, only for MC, not saved into the nfo.
  • TV - Option to save Show's poster also as folder.jpg if Frodo only artwork selected.
  • TV - Cleaned actor names of leading spaces.
  • Both - Added missing mpeg2video resource.
  • Movie - Renaming accepts multiple subtitle files, and fixed multi-part subtitle files.
  • Movie - Saving of Rating in correct format for XBMC, no matter region settings.


MC 3.592b   2013-12-25


  • Movie - Fixed adding separate movie identifier to list.
  • Movie - Images not updating if Frodo only.
  • Movie - subtitle files not being renamed during scrape.
  • Movie - Multi-part movies, some parts not moved to new folder during scrape or manual rename.
  • Tv - now can search actors by name or role.
  • Tv - Fixed loading of TvShow.nfo not forming <episodeguide> tag correctly.
  • Tv - Batch Wizzard rewrite nfo's to fix <episodeguide> tag.
  • Tv - Refresh All will fix episode nfo's if nfo is missing tvdbid.


MC 3.591b   2013-12-16


  • Tv - Added episode extension to TvCache to counter removal of file check that sped up TvCache loading.
  • mc_com - Added episode extension to TvCache saving.
  • mc_com - Fixed mc_com not saving aired date to TvCache.

MC 3.590b   2013-12-13


  • Movie - Fixed renaming fail if space at beginning or end of new rename string.
  • Movie - Fixed saving of images from local path.
  • Movie - Fixed logic not to overwrite artwork.
  • Movie - Fixed scraping votes uses a decimal point.
  • Tv - Tweaked TvCache loading time.
  • mc_com - Added tvCache cleaning routine.
  • mc_com - Major fix for multi-episodes, not saving nfo correctly.


MC 3.589b   2013-11-28


  • Movie - Filter by Tag
  • Movie - General Filter allows filter by Scrape Error. If scraping a movie fails, genre is set to "Problem". Filter detects if Genre = "Problem".
  • Movie - Allow alternate versions of a movie, with list of 3D, Directors-Cut, Extended-Edition. IMDB or TMDB scraping.
  • Movie - If XBMC TMDb as scraper, option to scrape missing data from IMDB. Uses Batch Update wizard to get Certificate, Stars and Plot.
  • Movie - added Rename folder option %G - Genre.
  • Movie - Button added to Fanart & Poster tab, to open Google Image search in external Browser. Copy Url and paste back into Media Companion.
  • Both - Depending on selected tab, Movie or TV, F3 - Search for New, F5 - Refresh All. 'ESC' key can now close many open forms, including Log form.


  • Movie - Catch trailer url error
  • Movie - Fixed local path actors, again.
  • Movie - Added Bing and Yahoo to search for correct IMDB ID. This should improve the volume of movies scraped, before we hit google's limit.
  • Movie - Fixed renaming function if using XBMC TMDB scraper.
  • Both - Tweaked calcuation between 720P & 1080 icon display.


MC 3.588b   2013-11-18


  • TV - padding of existing episodes to match new scraped episodes.
  • TV - Re-scrape episode was using cached file not re-downloading episode.
  • Movie - Rename support for multi-part subtitle files.
  • Movie - fixed possible blank nfo if actor URL or path was invalid.
  • Movie - Fixed 'scraper error' on Votes.
  • Movie - re-enabled max google hits before switching to IMDB to search title.


MC 3.587b   2013-11-10


  • TV - Locked shows display correctly after refresh
  • TV - missing episodes display in correct colour for missed or to be aired
  • TV - Rescrape of Multi-episodes working, though not with Batch Rescrape.
  • TV - Cache fix where was writing episodes multiple times.
  • TV - Fixed Cache writing missing episodes when Display missing eps was disabled.


MC 3.586b   2013-11-09


  • Movie - Posters. Allow Drag and Drop of different poster, onto Poster Tab - Current Poster image.
  • Movie - Posters. New button - Paste from Clipboard, to paste local image as new poster.



  • Movie - Fixed playing of BD media from MC
  • Movie - Increased quantity of extensions for -trailer files.
  • Fanart or Poster - tweaked browse or URL function.
  • Movie - if MC imports nfo that was exported by XBMC, MC keeps the <lastplayed> tag data.
  • Movie - Use Foldername was getting year from Filename, not Folder Title.
  • Movie - Fixed saving of Tags and Movie sets in Multi-save mode.
  • Movie - Returned 'Local Actor' saving to specific location.
  • Movie - poster paste/drag-drop improved.
  • TV - Multi-episodes returned to episode tree - Thanks you Billyad2000!!
  • Tv - Changes to tv cache write method in hopes to improve loading time.

MC 3.585b   2013-10-25


  • Movie - Rename Folder using Movie Set, option to move ignored articles to end of Movie Set, only for folder renaming.



  • Media Companion - Fixed if using profiles, config files would blown up in size due to some settings duplicating.
  • Ignore Article of An was cutting of last character of movie title.
  • If Rescraping title, sort title changed depending on 'Move article to end of Sort Title' setting.
  • Movie - If changing Poster source order, list would become empty. Fixed.
  • Tv - Actor scraping, remove illegal characters from Actor Name and Actor Role.
  • Tv - Removed Illegal characters from Plot.
  • Movie - Scroll bar added to File Details tab.
  • Movie - Fixed new option not sticking.
  • Movie - IMDB scraping of Plot.

MC 3.584b   2013-10-22


  • mc_com.exe - Fixed to using new profile entries.
  • Movie - fixed rename movie and folder if use foldername selected.
  • Movie - Alt Edit Movie, trailer url check if changed and confirm valid.
  • Movie - Fixed IMDB poster scraping
  • Movie - Fixed outline and Plot scraping, including removal of Hyperlink's.
  • Movie Poster refactoring, attempts to catch gdi+ errors

MC 3.583b   2013-10-18

Quick fix for no Movie Poster Sources!

MC 3.582b   2013-10-18


  • Both - Added 'An' as option to ignore in title
  • Movie - Renaming - added %Z - Sorttitle to Legend
  • Movie - Renaming - added %O - Audio Channels to Legend
  • Movie - Remove a poster source from priority list. Reset List back to defaults.
  • Made Media Companion truly portable application.



  • Movie - browse for Poster Or Fanart, allows for jpg, tbn,  png and bmp images
  • Movie - Alt Fanart Browser - Url or Browse window now fully visible.
  • Movie - Manual renaming checks if 'Use Folder Name' selected, prompts to confirm rename of movie file.
  • Tv - Corrected new image for missing episode fanart
  • Tv - Fixed Rescrape episode thumbnail
  • Added 'Esc' key to close some forms
  • Tv - updated missing artwork images to be more concise - Thanks to User akya.
  • Profiles - not able to remove a profile fixed.

MC 3.581b   2013-10-10


  • Movie - General Preferences, allow saving of ignored 'The' or 'A' to end of movie title, stored in sorttitle field.
  • Movie - New Way for Cropping Posters.


  • Movie -  Rename of folders/filename.  caught error message.
  • Movie - Fixed Bug in Save Cropped image, only saving in Pre-Frodo format if Both model selected.
  • Movie - Fixed Cropped image didn't take zoomed ratio into effect.
  • Movie - Separated Folder Renaming and File Renaming fuctions during initial scrape.
  • TV - Fixed TVDB xml return issue.

MC 3.580b   2013-10-06

Quick fix release for IMDB Actor names, Actor Roles, and empty <actor> entries in nfo files.

MC 3.579b   2013-10-06


  • TV - context menu for rescrapeing Poster image/Banner image


  • Both - Fixed actor scraping from IMDB
  • Movie - Fixed Tableview if Movie's movieset was not in MC's list of moviesets
  • Movie - Rename with mediainfo now lowercase.
  • Both - added ignore "A " in titles. Separate option in General Preferences.
  • Tv - Changing Banners now shows all available banners, no longer paged.
  • Tv - Changing banners now scrollable by mouse wheel.

MC 3.578b  2013-09-17


  • Movie - context menu changed for Renaming movies. Options: movie & folder, movie only, folder only.
  • Movie - Added Rename folder to Batch rescrape wizard.
  • Movie - Added Blu-Ray movies structure support.
  • Movie - added blu-ray mediainfo support.


  • Movie folder renaming - if 'use folder name for scraping' selected, folder can be renamed, but movie will not be.
  • Movie - Batch rescrape wizard - supports multimode, rescraping only selected movies.
  • Movie - Tableview, Completed missingdata syntax messages.
  • Movie - If no id tag or id tag is blank in movies nfo, batch rescraping would crash. Fixed.
  • Movie - re-enabled Sets in Tableview.
  • Movie - Clean illegal characters from Actor's Name.
  • Movie - Fixed missing actors filter, if actor doesn't have an image on IMDB.
  • TV - Tableview columns adjustable, but not stored.
  • TV - Banner window height now stored in config.
  • mc_com.exe - console writes output as it happens.

MC 3.577b  2013-09-17


  • Tv - Use Rescrape Wizard on selected Show.
  • Movie - Added three rename patterns: %R - Video Resolution, %C - Video Codec & %A - Audio codec and Channels.
  • Movie - Renaming Movie and Folder functionality added.


  • Movie - sped up movie browsing by removing a Trailer URL check. Secondary checks in place already.
  • Movie - "Tag" box in browser window accumulated "tags".
  • TV - Batch Rescrape didn't clear existing audio details before adding new details.

MC 3.576b  2013-08-22


  • Added ".ass" & ".ssa" as valid subtitle extensions
  • TV - Added Rescrape Media Info to context menu. Runs over a complete Show, Complete Season or per episode.


  • Movie - Fixed Fanart tab not refreshing current fanart image after saving new image.
  • Movie - createdate kept when Rescrape All selected.
  • Tv - Changing a Show that was incorrectly identified, now correctly gets all artwork and actors.
  • Tv - Scrape Episodes if in DVD file/folder format.
  • Both - Exclude folder now excludes subfolders
  • Both - Fixed ExtraThumbs not saving to correct folder for XBMC
  • Both - Fixed if both ExtraThumbs and ExtraFanart selected, MC error's as file in use.

MC 3.575b  2013-08-03


  • Movies Filters - Performance tweak - If a filter is unselected then bypass any data gathering for that filter
  • XBMC Link - Added 'Enable Link' check-box. Disable to prevent checking for XBMC PC.


  • Exclude ExtraFanart and ExtraThumbs folders from scan.
  • Movie - Fixed alternative titles not scraping from IMDB
  • Movie - Fanart tab, URL browser not popping up.

MC 3.574b  2013-07-28


  • Added some adhoc extra General movie filters, one of which is Plot = Outline (see fixes above). To see the filters, add the following line to your config.xml: <ShowExtraMovieFilters>True</ShowExtraMovieFilters>. The others are: Imdb in folder name, Imdb in not folder name & Imdb not in folder name & year mismatch.

  • Movie - display <tag> list on browser tab
  • Layout change - Hopefully this will keep buttons and lists from shifting around.


  • mc_com - Corrected ErrorLevel Output. Disabled writing any cache files, if no media found.
  • Plot scraped as Outline
  • Download Trailer button no longer rescrapes the Trailer URL if it's present, unless URL has expired.
  • Movie - saving as movie.nfo now populates the browser tab correctly.

MC 3.573b 2013-07-17

Fixed:  Multi-net file error

MC 3.572b 2013-07-16


  • Movie - XBMC Link - When enabled, changes made in MC will update XBMC Documentation
  • Movie - Context menu on list - Added option to convert to Frodo Only from Pre-Frodo & Both. By renaming the .tbn to -poster.jpg or deleting the .tbn if both exist.
  • Movie - if Selecting a movie, and video file is missing, option to remove from MC list.
  • Movie - Option to Highlight titles with missing video files. Option in Movie Pref>General tab.
  • Movie - New General filters to filter by Pre-Frodo, Frodo or Both based on existing movie meta data
  • TV - Merged IMDB & TVDB web browsing tabs
  • TV - Table view for Show information -Rudimentary, Still Work-In-Progress.
  • Media Companion.exe - Command line arguments added. sq, st or sm. Documentation
  • mc_com.exe - output ErrorLevel codes dependent on if Movie/episodes scraped. See Documentation


  • Movie - Edit Movie (Alternative) - Change Movie notifies to use Main MC 'Change Movie'
  • Movie - Alt Editor also edits Create Date.
  • Movie - Scraped Outline trailing >> removed
  • Movie - Bug in Fanart tab, throwing an out of range index error
  • Movie - Was deleting existing trailer when rescraping

MC 3.571b 2013-07-04


  • Both -  stream details -  change language to 3-char not 2-char code. Per ISO 639-2. Issue
  • Movie - Fix Rebuild NFO causing runtime to = zero
  • Movie - If XBMC TMDB fails to find movie, create empty nfo so user can use 'Change Movie'
  • Movie - Catch issue if <fanart> node in nfo not correctly populated.
  • Movie - Re-scrape all renames files, but doesn't remove originally named files.


  • Media Companion - Debug Tab - Once only option to empty cache folder on Exit. Option not permanent.
  • Movie - Top 250 visible on main movie Browser Tab.
  • mc_com - new command '-v', console hidden, writes output to mc_com.log.

MC 3.570b  2013-06-17


  • Movie - Checks for  poster.jpg against missing poster filter
  • Movie - Fixed continual scraping of vob movie file (not DVD structure)
  • Both - Correctly display audio channels
  • Both - Correctly populate audio info in nfo's if multiple audio tracks.
  • Both - added icons and checked for DTS ES and Dolby TrueHD audio tracks.
  • Both - Stream details correctly display mpeg2 overlay.
  • mc_com - Now uses common stream details routine.


  • Movie - using XBMC TMDB - now renames movies if option selected.
  • Movie - using Xbmc Tmdb - Actor images saved from TMDb if option selected.

MC 3.569b   2013-06-04


  • Movies - Slow performance switching to movie tab by adding option 'Disable "Not Matching Rename Pattern"' to Movie Preferences - General.
  • Movies - Fixed only actors with images were scraped and added to nfo
  • Movies - Fixed filter reset if selected tab was above Home Movies.
  • Updated Mediainfo dll to 0.7.63
  • TV - fixed switch between DVD and Default sort
  • TV - mouse wheel now scrolls actors
  • General - Fixed Custom Commands not adding removing cleanly
  • Tv - Removed extra message-box's from Display missing episodes.
  • Movies - Alt Fanart browser uses safe save and load routines.
  • Movies - Multi-save mode was incorrectly setting the 'Movie Set' field when not in a set. Caused application to crash when filters were next updated.
  • Movie - XBMC TMDB, changing language only took effect after restart of MC.  Now instant.


  • Movies - Autoscrape/Batch Rescrape extra fanart and or extra thumbs.
  • Movies - Alternative editor can add manually actors.
  • TV - Batch Rescraper, AutoScrape extrafanart, if option enabled.

MC 3.568b 2013-05-26


  • Movie - Endless loop if Re-scrape Specific - Trailer selected, but download trailer during scrape isn't checked.
  • Movie - Fixed quotes around Original titles
  • Movie - Fixed Rescrape Specific crash.
  • Movie - if cancel download of trailer, noted in log correctly cancelled by user.
  • Movie - Fixed non-displaying of audio icons.
  • Movie - Fixed extra quotes if Scrape Original Title selected.
  • mc_com - fixed some exceptions and fixed getting streamdetails.


  • Movie - Change Movie by TMDB or IMDB.
  • TV - Media icons overlay episode fanart
  • Home Movies - Media Icons overlay screenshot.

MC 3.567b 2013-05-24


  • Movies - Trailer URL flaky, sometimes get a URL, sometimes nothing.
  • Movie - XBMC TMDB scraper, catch error if no movie title matches found.
  • Movie - Catch error if URL string is empty when attempting to download to cache.
  • Movie - Added Full Movie path and filename to log.
  • Movie - Google can block searches for IMDB Id if too many calls made.  Re-instigated fallback to IMDB to get Id.
  • Movie - Change Movie now filters for Root folder as per exiting option in Movie Preferences.
  • Movie - Fixed many Exceptions that were not cleanly handled.
  • Movie - Cleanly handle url value correctly.
  • Both - Return of Log Full/Brief function.
  • TV - Altered how loading if poster/banner handled, to remove open file error.


  • Movie filters - General - Drop-down list sizes to largest item
  • Movie filters - Drop-down combo-boxes now use application's font and shows over task bar.
  • Movies - Add resolution, sound, etc icons to details pane.
  • Movie - <tag> function added - Single and MultiMovie Supported.
  • Both - Exclude folders from scrape. Applicable to both movies & TV shows. Configurable in General Preferences.
  • Movies - Missing Local Actors Filter - Finds movies missing actors in the '.actors' folder.
  • Both - Option to only display locally saved actor images
  • Movie - Basic Movie CSV Template, output list of movie titles and year as CSV format.

MC 3.566b 2013-05-12


  • Movies - Bug thrown if exactly 1 movie in collection

MC 3.565b 2013-05-12


  • Movies - Bug causing an error to be thrown if no movies are setup

MC 3.564b 2013-05-12


Movies - Filters tab - Filters splitter pane being shown when should have been hidden.
Movies - Details pane - Tweak details pane so RHS columns re-size.
Movies - Filters not shown\positioned correctly on start-up.
Movies - Filter wasn't always resetting


Movies - Add scroll bar to filter list . Issue request
Movies - Filters -> Updated to use new multi-select drop-down checklist box
Movies - Logic added to drop-down checklist box to avoid control displaying off screen & to size drop-down width to accommodate longest item
Movies - Add multi\single mode toggle button to applicable filters
Movies - Votes slider - Changed to use the movies relative number of votes instead of absolute value to determine filtered movies. So selecting a 25% range on the slider now returns 25% of your movies, regardless of selected range position.

MC 3.563b 2013-05-06

Movie - fixed always renaming movie.
Movie - If movie manually deleted and Mc started, receive an error message.

Movie - Added Filter for missing certificate.
Movie - Added Filter for certificates. To compliment this filter, there's a new file called 'CertificateMappings.xml' in the Classes folder that you can manually edit to customise the filter items. See file for usage info.
Movie filters : Reset filter by clicking on title.

MC 3.562b - 2013-05-01

New - TV - Saving of ExtraFanart.
New - Movie - Allow turn off root folder check
New - Movie - Genre filter changed for new Tri-state drop-down listbox. You can now include & exclude multiple genres. E.g. Include Action, exclude Animation, Horror. The intention is to change all the filters (where appropriate) to this new format
New - Movie - option to save as fanart.jpg or poster.jpg instead of moviename-poster, etc, if movie is in own folder. Note: If Pre-Frodo or Both is selected, moviename.tbn and moviename-fanart.jpg will still be saved for backwards compatibility.
New - Movie - Scraper tab options change around.
Fixed - Don't overwrite artwork not sticking properly.
Fixed - Movie - Moved options to correct tab's, better uniformity of options.
Fixed - Movie - Set filtering does not work when the set contains a parenthesis - Issue
Fixed - Movie - Filters sometimes saving all as False even though set to True, inc Issue 907
Fixed - Movie - Number of audio tracks filter wasn't getting reset
Fixed - Movie - filename starting with dot underscore are now not scraped.
Fixed - Movie - movie.nfo was being ignored, so these movies were being rescraped.

MC 3.561b - 2013-04-19

Fix for fanart selection not displaying, Movies.

MC 3.560b - 2013-04-19

New - Movie - Option to save as either extrathumbs or extrafanart or both.
New - Added ignoring of ds_store files
New - TV - Ignore any filename starting with "dot underscore" (no space between)
New - TV - Icon present if show is missing episodes and Display Missing Episodes is selected.
New - TV - Icon present on season if season is missing episodes.
Fixed - Home Movies - Added Manual Path option.
Fixed - Movie - Fixed save preferences for poster.jpg option.
Fixed - Movie - if 'Download Trailer' selected, auto-select 'Save Trailer URL'.
Fixed - Movie - Retain 'CreateDate' when rescraping.
Fixed - Movie - Catch error if save selected but no movies selected.
Fixed - Movie - Fixed Max Genre now displays All Available when restarting MC
Fixed - Movie - Trailer url scraping error caught is no IMDBid in movie nfo.
Fixed - TV - Fixed removal of missing folders also removes root folder.
Fixed - TV - Fixed issue that's keeps Missing Episode data from being displayed after downloaded
Fixed - TV - Fixed Missing Aired Episodes.

MC 3.559b - 2013-04-14

New - Movie - Added option for 'poster.jpg' if movie in folder.
New - Tv - If new season episode scraped, check for new season artwork
Fixed - Tv - If Frodo Only, Missing posters would appear for all Tv Shows. Fixed.
Fixed - Tv - Missing posters Frodo, brings all shows as missing.
Fixed - Tv - Runtime wasn't following the rules if preference for no "min" selected.
Fixed - Tv - Removed absolute path reference to Thumbnail from multi-episode nfo.
Fixed - Tv - Season-all - selected artwork only through TVDB.
Fixed - Tv - Season-all edenart - Saves only poster or only banner to season-all.tbn as per preferences.
Fixed - Home Movies - Fixed auto-screenshot during search for new videos.
Fixed - Movie - Added movie title in progress bar during scrape.

MC 3.558b - 2013-04-06

Fixed - Movie - Poster Browser (Alternative) not saving as moviename-poster.jpg - vbat99
Fixed - Movie - Wall cache now updates if using Alternative Poster Browser - vbat99
Fixed - Movie - Rating for countries that use a comma where we use a full-stop.
Fixed - Movie - Rescrape, if TMDB unavailable, error caught.
Fixed - Movie - Rescrape error if missing nfo file.
Fixed - OfflineMovie - Use of fanart as offline video background - vbat99
Fixed - HomeMovie - Fixed listbox size.
Fixed - HomeMovie - Re-added Plot, Year and Stars fields.
Fixed - HomeMovie - Correctly remove Homemovie root folder, rescanning homemovie list.
Fixed - HomeMovie - Added Refresh Button.
Changed - All Preferences Tabs - Moved "Apply Changes" button to L/H Side. This means whether MC is run in Window or Full Screen, "Apply Changes" button is always in the same place, not pushed to far right if full-screen.

MC 3.557b - 2013-04-01

Couple of fixes to rating to fix missing movies issue.

MC 3.555b & MC 3.556B - 2013-03-31

Emergency Fixes to release, by issue in Cache Loading etc.

MC 3.554b - 2013-03-31

New - Movie - Complete Frodo support for DVD structured folders
New - Movie - MkvMerge Gui integration - Right click in movie list to select. Set path in General Preferences
New - Movie - Movie play button
New - Movie - Filter - Number of audio tracks
New - Movie - Slider filters - Rating, Year & Votes. Left click to set\change range, Right click to move range & Double click to reset
New - General - Check for Update on Help drop list
New - General - Support DTS MA and DTS HRA tags in Audio stream details.
Fixed - TV - If Set to Save TV Show thumbnails as banners, no image displayed if Pre-Frodo selected
Fixed - TV - Broken Season artwork downloading while scraping new TV Show
Fixed - Movie - Remove "See full summary »" from scraped outline
Fixed - Movie - Re-display movie details after scrape to show changes
Fixed - Movie - Loading movie cache was only loading 1 audio track

MC 3.553b - 2013-03-24

New - Feature - Movie - New filters added. R-click filter window to disable/enable display of any filter.
New - Feature - Tv - Added Mark as Watched or UnWatched Show, Season or episode to Context menu.
New - Feature- Movie - Expand\collapse movie filters panel by double clicking on the splitter bar
New - Feature - Added - Check for new version at start up. Can be disabled in General Preferences
Fixed - TV - Selected default language now correctly scrapes new shows.
Fixed - Movie - Rescrape All clear's Watched and Source tags.
Fixed - Movie - remove html link from Plot. See issue.
Fixed - Movie - video file with full-stop in name only scrapes up to the full-stop.
Fixed - Movie/Tv - Aspect tag correctly filled with value like 1.78.
Fixed - Movie/Tv - DurationInSeconds correctly filled, keep in line with XBMC.

MC 3.552b - 2013-03-15

New - Movie - Missing poster, Prev/Next buttons available. Movie List refreshed.
New - Movie - Fanart Prev/Next for missing fanart.
New - Movie - Fanart selection scrollable by mouse wheel.
New - Tv - If missing folders are found, allows these folders to be removed from Separate folder list.
New - Tv - Button added to TV Folders for search missing folders and remove.
Fixed - TV - Episode runtime scraping from file.
Fixed - TV - correctly refreshes the UI for Actors.
Fixed - Movie - Runtime displayed correctly from either scraper or media stream details.
Fixed - Movie - Stream duration does not overwrite scraped runtime.
Fixed - Movie - Refresh Cache and UI if "Changed Movie".
Fixed - Movie - Refreshes to correct movie. Doesn't auto change to next movie when Save is selected.

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