Road-map  & To Do List

 High Priority

  • TV - DVD order problems with TVDb list as 20.1 and 20.2 for double episodes.

Medium Priority

  • TV - Improve Log file output.  See discussion here.
  • Movie - Auto-scan a monitored folder.

Low Priority

  • TV - Stand-alone episode nfo editor.
  • TV - Incorporate support for Split Episodes and their renaming with Split identifier.
  • TV - Table view to allow Multi Edit, Update of Missing Episode Data and more.
  • Music Video - Add Rescrape Specific options, and a way to select a different source.

Feature Requests

  • Movie - Download subtitles if none present.
  • Movie - Filter for missing Fanart.Tv Artwork, clearart, landscape logo etc.
  • TV - Custom TV Show creation. IE, Pick a Folder and manually add the tvshow.nfo data, as well as manually add the episode data, with create screenshot.
  • TV - Scrape series and episode data from TMDb, including actor images.
  • MC - Custom Ignore Articles field.
  • XBMC Link - doesn't support DVD or BD folder structure, duplicating entries in XBMC Library. See at XBMC forums
  • XBMC Link - Add - Delete from XBMC cache for Extra fanart\thumbs.

New & Fixed for next release


  • MC 3.675b released.


Revision History

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