Road-map  & To Do List

 High Priority

  • TV - DVD order problems with TVDb list as 20.1 and 20.2 for double episodes.

Medium Priority

  • TV - Improve Log file output.  See discussion here.
  • Movie - Auto-scan a monitored folder.

Low Priority

  • TV - Stand-alone episode nfo editor.
  • TV - Incorporate support for Split Episodes and their renaming with Split identifier.
  • TV - Table view to allow Multi Edit, Update of Missing Episode Data and more.
  • Music Video - Add Rescrape Specific options, and a way to select a different source.

Feature Requests

  • Movie - Download subtitles if none present.
  • Movie - Filter for missing Fanart.Tv Artwork, clearart, landscape logo etc.
  • TV - Custom TV Show creation. IE, Pick a Folder and manually add the tvshow.nfo data, as well as manually add the episode data, with create screenshot.
  • TV - Scrape series and episode data from TMDb, including actor images.
  • TV - Distinguish new scraped Series/Episodes, context option to toggle New state. Discussion: 663280
  • TV - Add Custom Naming of Seasons. Discussion : 663280
  • MC - Custom Ignore Articles field.
  • XBMC Link - doesn't support DVD or BD folder structure, duplicating entries in XBMC Library. See at XBMC forums
  • XBMC Link - Add - Delete from XBMC cache for Extra fanart\thumbs.

New & Fixed for next release


  • TV - Fix for rename if current and new episode names match but have different casing.
  • Movie - Update Kodi TMDb scraper due to API changes.
  • Movie - Fix IMDb scraping title.


  • Movie - Allow scrape all movie set art from Fanart.Tv.
  • TV - add option to save basic episode nfo if episode not found on TVDb. (This will allow users to manually add data to episodes that are not on TVDb site.)

Revision History

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