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Create a Release

(NB. this guide assumes familiarity with Visual Studio, TortoiseHG, and WinRaR tools.)

  1. Check for any recent check-ins under the CodePlex Source Code tab. Pull those changes, if necessary.
  2. Update AssemblyInfo.vb by right-clicking on the XBMC Media Companion project in the Solution Explorer - select Properties. Click the Assembly Information... button, and update both the Assembly and File versions.
  3. Change the build configuration to Release under Build -> Configuration Manager...
  4. Build the Media Companion Solution using Build -> Build Solution (Ctrl+Shift+B).
  5. Change the build configuration back to Debug (or simply File -> Close Solution) to allow editing of Release folder.
  6. Delete all .manifest, .pdb, .config, and .xml files from top-level Release folder. (Maybe there is a way to prevent VS from creating these, but this works for now.)
  7. Rename Release folder to 'MediaCompanion3.xxxb' or as required (note no spaces).
  8. Create 7z self extracting file from newly named Release folder How To.
  9. Commit changes to AssemblyInfo.vb with description of 'MC 3.xxxb Release', or similar, and Push to CodePlex. (This step may done directly after making change to AssemblyInfo.vb, but done here to coincide with CodePlex operations.)
  10. Create new release at CodePlex titled 'MC 3.xxxb Weekly' or similar under Downloads -> Create New Release, filling in all relevant fields. Ensure Change Set Number field references commit in previous step.
  11. Attach newly created compressed  file (the Name field may be left blank as it defaults to the filename).
  12. Click Save to create new download page and upload compressed file.

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