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TV Browser Tab - Context Menus

As with Movie Browser tab,  Media Companion’s TV Browser tab has right-click context menus available to make small or mass changes easier.

The main context menu is on the TV Tree.  Clicking a Series title, a Season, or a Episode, changes some of the options so you can operation them on the specific branch of the Tree you have selected.

The below example is from an episode having been selected and right-clicked.


Here is the TV Tree Context Menu when a Series title is right-clicked.


Some options change, for example, Rescrape TVShow becomes Rescrape Episode, Mark This Show As Watched/UnWatched becomes Mark Episode as Watched/UnWatched, etc.

Most functions are self explanatory, but Two functions in the Context Menu is worth a mention. 

1.  Delete nfo & Artwork.

Under this option, users can completely wipe out all scraped files from Media Companion for just the TV Show, or for TV Show and Episodes, or Episodes Only.  This is great to be able to clean start a TV Series, or bulk rescrape all Episodes, or both.

If a TV Show entry is selected, the TV Series is also taken out of Media Companions ‘List of Separate Series’.  This means users will either Drag and drop the Series folder from Explorer over the TV Tree, Select the Series folder to add to ‘List of Separate Series’ (or Drag and Drop here also), or select ‘Check Roots for new TV Shows’ button from TV Show Tool menu, to add the Series back to Media Companion for a fresh, clean, Scrape.

A Hidden option is instead of left-clicking on a choice, is to right-click, and Media Companion will only delete the nfo files, leaving all artwork intact.


2.  Use Rescraper Wizard on this Show.

The Batch Rescraper Wizard (More at this page.) is a valuable tool for ensuring the correct data is applied to TV Series and to Episodes.  Selecting this from the Context Menu means only the selected Series and it’s episodes are processed using the Batch Rescraper Wizard.



Right-click context menus are also present if the mouse is over the Fanart picture-box,


over the Poster picture-box,


over the Banner picture-box,


And if a episode is selected, if the mouse is over the episode thumbnail picture-box.


Last of all, with a Series selected, users can right-click the Genre field, to get a Genre Selection box.




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