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TV Browser Tab – Filters

Filters in the TV section are not as intense as in the Movie section of Media companion.


All you will need is right at the base of the list of TV Series.

Some of these filters are locked into the “Display Missing Episodes” functionality of Media companion, but each filter (apart from Missing Episodes and Missing Aired Episodes) will work in any mode.

Starting at the top is the default option. “List All” – Basically a Reset all filters to normal.

You can filter your series by which are Ended, which are Continuing and any series as Unknown.  Unknown series are found if it is a new Series, or there is no Premier date yet.

Pink background indicates “Ended” filter is selected.


Green background indicates “Continuing” filter is selected, and only those series are shown.



If you have any episodes set to Watched status, you can select either the “Watched” filter to show only Watched episodes…


Or select “UnWatched” to display only unwatched episodes.



Here ended the Filters.


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