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TV Browser Tab - Missing Episodes

Missing Episodes functionality in Media Companion is a sort-after filter.  Once enabled, users can see Missed Aired episode, present episode, and coming episodes.  Allowing them to find and fill in episodes available for each series.

First step is to enable this feature, by clicking on the TV Shows Tool menu, and selecting Display Missing Episodes.  Note the greyed out Refresh Missing Episodes option as well.  This will come available once Display has been selected and is to update Media Companions Missing episodes data.


Once Selected, the TV Tree will be populated and all episodes for every series, and icons on the Tree will indicate which shows have missing episodes, Aired or  to be Aired.  Each type of episode is colour coded.

Black – Episode is present.

Blue – Missed Aired episode.

Red – Episode(s) yet to be aired.

Grey – Episode(s) with no Air Date.


There are two options in TV Preferences that can be of assistance here.

Ignore Specials  & Delay missing Aired by 1 Day.

Some users do not care about specials.  Either as they are on DVD releases of a series, or just not important.

For users in countries ahead of the Release Times, it is helpful to be able to delay showing as Missed Aired episode, specially for countries around the +12 hour time zone.


Two filters are available when Media Companion is set for Display Missing episodes.  Show only Missing episodes, and Show only Missing Aired Episodes.  This makes it very easy to see what episodes are approaching to being available,  as well as to see episodes that are missing from your TV Series.

ImgTvMiss-3 (2)

In the example below, you can also see what episodes have been watched, and if a complete season is watched.  Watched indicator does not support marking missing episodes as watched.


Displaying only missing episodes.


Displaying only Missing Aired Episodes.




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