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TV Browser Tab

The heart TV Series is the TV Browser Tab.  Like with Movies, there is plenty of options available to the user.

On this page, we will show the basic functions of the TV Browser Tab, with extra features at the links below.

On the TV Browser Tab, TV Series are show as a Tree view, with each season as a sub branch nestled under the Series Title.

Series can contain Seasons, or Specials. 

On this tab, you can see what episodes are available, how many Series, a count of total episodes, and all the Scraped data for the Series


or the episode selected.


Clicking Search begins searching for new episodes.


Refresh is for reloading all Series and their Episodes, updating the cache from Empty.



Getting to the information displayed, here we see the full information of an episode, displayed with Fanart, Season Poster, and Season Banner.

The title bar is the current selected Episode Title.  Users can click the reload button to the right of the title, to rescrape the selected episode.  Or if manually changed/added information to the fields below, the user can click the Save button to update the episodes nfo.


To the right of the title bar, are a few selection options.  These are series specific, not episode specific.

State:  Can be either Open, Locked, or Unverified.

Open:   Means this show is allowed to be rescraped, Searched for new episodes, and allows artwork to be added/changed.

Locked:  Opposite of Open.  Usually a ended Series can be locked, as there is no need to do any updating or search for new episodes.  Note: If a show is locked, there is a Padlock icon beside the Series title in the TV Tree.

Unverified:  Users will see this entry and a warning icon against the TV Series, if a new show has been scraped, and Media Companion isn’t 100% sure that the correct series was found.

Sort Order:   Set to Default to use Episode numbers as sort order, or click to change to DVD (Save button needs to be clicked to lock in the change)

Show Status:   This is just an indicator or the current selected show’s status.  ‘Continuing’, ‘Ended’ or ‘Unknown’ will be displayed.  More on this in Filters section.

Show Sort Title:  Some users requested a Sort Title option in Media Companion, which is also supported in Kodi.  Changing this title affects where the select show is displayed in Media Companion list, and Kodi.

ImgTv-4 ImgTv-5 ImgTv-6

Last section of the Episode browser is where Media companion gets the Actor image/information from. TVDB or IMDB.  This is selectable for the Series, and for the episodes.  Users can choose to get the Series Actor images and Info from TVDB, but the Episode Actor images and Info from IMDB. (Save button needs to be clicked to lock in the change).

Actors can be selected by the droplist, or cycled by Mouse Wheel while the pointer is over the Actor’s Name section.

Also visible below, is a button for UnWatched or Watched.  Clicking the button changes the selected episodes Watched status.  More on Watched Status in TV Context Menu sections.  Also Read up on how to import Watch status into Kodi.



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