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TV Poster Tab

The Poster Tab allows a two different types of Posters.

Posters, and Banners.  For the Main Series, as well as for each available Season.

Previewed on the right, is the current Poster, or Banner, depending on the selection in the 2nd image below.

Selecting either Poster or Banner to search for, as well as from the drop box, if the image is for the main Series, or choose a specific Season number.

Artwork can be sourced from.

TVDB Specific – Specified season number or Main series.

TVDB All – Show all Posters or Banners, every main image and all season images.

IMDB (All) – All IMDb artwork for the selected TV Series.

URL  or Browse – Choose local artwork or paste the URL of online artwork.  Note:  Please ensure you select correct Poster or Banner selection as the Image from URL or Browse will be saved to the selected type.


URL or Browse, users can either paste the URL, paste the local path, or Browse to local artwork.  Click ‘Set Thumb’ to Save the image as the selected artwork type for the Series.


Once you have chosen your art type (Poster or Banner), Clicking a Source button will start to display Preview Images.

Notice on the example below, Media Companion shows Posters in lots of 10, and a Previous and Next button become visible.


Selecting Banners, will display preview images of any Banner available, as well as display the current Series or Season banner to the right.


Once you select a image (white radio button below each image), the Save Button appears.


In the example above, notice the Current Posters resolution, as well as the Current Artwork Present section.  This Media Companion has the Artwork Mode set to both Pre-Frodo and Frodo onwards, so users can see that this TV Series has a Poster in both Eden (saved as folder.jpg) and in Frodo format (saved as poster.jpg).

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