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XBMC Link - Let MC update your XBMC Library

Currently only implemented for movies. Once we're happy that's working with no issues, we'll extend the functionality to include TV shows.

All the help for this is build into the application. Go to General Preferences - XBMC Link for details.


  • Delete file access needed in the Thumbnails folder for fanart & poster updates to work.
  • Updates are quickest in Weather view
  • Updates are slowest in Movies view
  • To synchronize multiple movies, select them in the movies list and rt-click to bring up the context menu, then select 'Sync to XBMC'
  • With Movies the poster image doesn't always appear updated. To fix this, you may get away with coming out of the movies page and going back in, failing that come out of XBMC altogether and go back in
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the General filter for XBMC specific filters - currently only one 'Missing from XBMC', but more coming once we're happy the bugs are out of this first implementation
  • For any movie listed in 'Missing from XBMC' check the following characters are not in the path or title ü é á ½ Æ ³ · ° , ! as XBMC doesn't like them
  • The occasional connect error will occur, when this happens the software automatically re-establishes connection and the retries the request.
  • If you encounter other errors & wish to raise an issue, then please include the full & brief log files: 'XBMC-Controller-full-log-file.txt' & 'XBMC-Controller-brief-log-file.txt'

Known issues

  • Movies are only picked up if they are not in a root (source) folder, i.e. they need to be in one or more sub-directories off your source folder(s). Basically it's an XBMC issue\bug. A simple workaround is to move your movies into a sub-folder, then run a clean in XBMC, then, with the link enabled do a 'Refresh'

Future enhancements

  • TV support
  • MySQL support

Help us make it better

  • Currently only tested on local and remote Windows XBMC installations. We would be interested in hearing your experiences on non-Windows XBMC installations, whether successful or not. So hopefully we can get it working on all platforms

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