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Adding or changing Fanart


It couldn't be simpler to adjust the artwork that accompanies your media, Whether the art is missing for a certain movie, or you just don't like the first draw the scraper dealt you, all you have to do is head over to the appropriate tab in MC to change it out.


After choosing the movie you wish to change the art for, switching to the Fanart tab will load available fanart from
Select the image you prefer and save your choice by choosing either of the save buttons; Hi-res for use with high resolution displays, or Lo-res if you want to save a bit of space.
If none of those are to your liking, you can even use one of your own that's stored locally, or one you've found on the internet by clicking URL or Browse or Paste from Clipboard.

Double click any preview or existing image to get a Zoomed version. (NB: Double click zoomed image to return).

If you find the image you have saved needs some cropping, this can done on the Fanart Tab.

More Options to set a specific size of Fanart are available in the Preferences. This will then automatically down-size to your preferred resolution.

Note the Green Show MovieSet Fanart button under the preview image on the right. If your movie is in a Set, this button is active, and you can search for MovieSet Fanart. See Movie Preferences -> Artwork Tab for settings on where this MovieSet artwork is saved.

If your Movie is in it's own folder, ie: subfolder under your Root Movie Folder, then the option to save ExtraThumbs is enabled. We have allowed up to five ExtraThumbs slots. Select a number from Thumb1 to Thumb5, then select the fanart from the list, and click one of the Save buttons.

Finally, there is an indicator stating 1 Missing. In this instance, this means one movie loaded in Media Companion is missing its Fanart. I would suggest using the General Filter, selecting Missing Fanart to display which movie(s) are missing their Fanart.

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